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ACTIVA PRODUCTS Lumina Air Dry Polymer Clay  
Lumina Polymer Clay is highly flexible, light weight, and durable. It will air dry in 24 hours, and remains waterproof and pliable when dry. Translucent, acid free, and ACMI non toxic.

Can be watered down and painted on surfaces. Accepts multiple non-water based finishes when dry. Acrylic or oil based ...

AMACO Slice' n Bake Polymer Clay Designs  
Create exciting jewelry and home decor projects with designs made with Fimo polymer clay. Decorate picture frames, jewelry boxes, and votive holders any surface that's oven safe at 265 degrees F. Or place slices onto polymer clay balls to make colorful beads for necklaces and bracelets. Each sun cane ...

FIMO Puppen Doll Modeling Clay  
Modeling material specially made for doll makers. This clay is softer than regular Fimo or Sculpey, so it's easier to sculpt detailed faces, arms and legs. Puppen-Fimo can be baked in the oven at 265 degrees for 20-30 minutes to cure it. After baking and cooling, smooth the surface ...

FIMO Soft Clay 10 Color Assortment  
Contains ten 25 gram blocks of Fimo Soft: white, mandarin, brilliant blue, peppermint, black, Indian red, tropical green, caramel, lemon, and violet, plus instructions.

FIMO Soft Polymer Clay  
A versatile, easy-to-handle polymer clay which hardens in your kitchen oven. Brilliant color intensity, fade proof, and odorless. Unhardened, even soft kneaded, it can be used again and again if it is well packed and stored at normal room temperature. Any desired shade can be achieved by kneading together ...

FIMO Soft Polymer Clay Assortment  
Includes an assortment of 24 colors wrapped in 25 gram blocks.

KALMBACH BOOKS Polymer Pizzazz: 25 Great Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects  
Polymer Pizzazz is the essential resource for people who want to learn to use polymer clay. This book showcases the many ways of using the material to create beads, pendants brooches, and earrings.

Readers will learn to make painted disk beads, marbled beads, filigree beads, and more.

Editor: Kristin Schneidler
Format: paperback, ...

KLUTZ The Incredible Clay Book  
All about the zillions of wonderful beads, beasties and thingamabobs you can make, and then bake to permanence, with polymer clay. A rainbow of one-ounce clay bricks is included. 80 pages. Full color.

SCULPEY Amazing Eraser Clay  
Amazing Eraser Clay is oven-bake modeling clay that becomes a real eraser after it is baked in a regular oven for 10 minutes. Amazing Eraser Clay can be molded, sculpted, stamped or patterned, just like regular Sculpey clays, to create a vibrant collection of usable erasers.

Set of 6 ...

SCULPEY Bake Shop Oven Bake Clay  

Bake Shop is Kid friendly! Non-toxic, lead free, phthalate free and made with AP-approved materials. It is soft, easy to condition, and won't dry out.

Available in 12 color variety pack. Variety pack has 14 oz. of clay plus a BONUS modeling tool.

SCULPEY Diluent  
A liquifying agent for achieving a softer texture in all Sculpey products. Add four or five drops to each 2 oz. piece and knead thoroughly. 1 oz. bottle. #SD1

SCULPEY III Modeling Compound  
Sculpey III is America’s favorite polymer clay! It’s wonderfully soft and pliable right from the package but bakes hard to a smooth matte finish in your home oven. Sculpey III comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors and is excellent for general crafting of jewelry, figures, and home ...

SCULPEY III Multipacks  

The perfect gift or party prize! Each set contains 10 2 oz. bars, categorized by color family. Sculpey III is the perfect medium for creating special projects for every occasion. It remains soft and pliable until you bake it in your oven. Once baked, pieces can be polished, sanded, ...

SCULPEY III Sampler 30-Color Set  
Has the same excellent handling qualities of Sculpey, combined with the new dimension of color. It bakes to hardness in a 300 degree to 320 degree F oven in 15-20 minutes. It requires no painting, but a glossy effect can be achieved by applying liquid acrylic glaze. Set of ...

SCULPEY Liquid Sculpey  
Bakable transfer and color medium is used with polymer clays for a bakable adhesive, grout for mosaics, and creating faux enameling. Make transfers from offset printed images like magazines, etc. Add oil paints to make a bakable painting and surface medium, add dry pigments to create glazes and color ...

SCULPEY Living Doll Modeling Compound  
Sculpey Living Doll is the ideal oven bake clay for Doll Making. After baking, pieces can be carved, sanded, drilled and painted. It has a semi-transparent finish, and seams blend easily with no lines.

Living Doll contains phthalates. It is prop 65 compliant and packaging includes the appropriate warnings.

Available in ...

SCULPEY Mold Maker & Polymer Clay Conditioner  
Make flexible one-sided molds with Super Elasticlay Mold Maker & Polymer Clay Conditioner. Extra soft and pliable to shape around even the most intricate detail. After baking, an Elasticlay mold is permanent and flexible. Pour in Plaster of Paris or use it with a talcum powder release as a ...

SCULPEY Original Sculpey  
America's original oven bake clay! Sculpey is soft and pliable, works and feels like ceramic clay, but will not dry out when exposed to air. Shape it into your desired form and bake according to package instructions. Once cool, it can be sanded, drilled, carved, and painted with water-based ...

SCULPEY Premo Premium Polymer Clay  
This remarkable clay quickly reaches a workable state (with minimum conditioning), and remains soft and pliable while offering extra resistance without crumbling. Not brittle after baking. In thicker areas, it is hard and rigid; in delicate areas it flexes to reduce the risk of breakage. Available in 2 oz. ...

SCULPEY Soufflé Oven-Bake Clay  

With Sculpey’s innovative tools for creativity anything is possible. Sculpey Soufflé is a lightweight clay designed with jewelry in mind. Its versatility and strength also makes it excellent for an array of polymer clay sculpting, and it’s ability to hold detail make it the perfect choice for advanced techniques ...

SCULPEY Soufflé Oven-Bake Clay Multipack  

Experience a different kind of polymer clay. Soufflé is lightweight clay which makes it perfect for jewelry making. It's strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques. The trendy colors make a bold and beautiful statement with any project from jewelry to home ...

SCULPEY Super Sculpey Firm Gray Sculpting Compound  
Many sculptors desire an extra-firm clay that can be “carved” and used for projects that require fine details. Meet Super Sculpey Firm, the polymer sculpting clay with an extra-firm consistency!

The firmness of Super Sculpey Firm allows sculptors to create works with extreme precision and detail, and Super Sculpey Firm’s ...

SCULPEY Super Sculpey Flex Sampler Set  
Nontoxic modeling compound that will not dry out when exposed to air and stays soft and pliable until baked in a regular oven. Once cool, your project remains bendable and flexible. Sampler includes eight 2 oz. bars of Sculpey and a modeling tool.

SCULPEY Super Sculpey Medium Blend Sculpting Compound  

The best blend of two clays - 50% Super Sculpey and 50% Super Sculpey Firm. Super Sculpey is too soft for some people, while Super Sculpey Firm is too firm for others. The clay is gray in color, allowing for better detail tracking and photography.

Medium Blend is firm enough ...

SCULPEY Super Sculpey Sculpturing Compound  
A ceramic-like sculpturing compound that is shatter and chip resistant. Just place in your home oven at 300 degrees F and your project will be permanently hard in less than 30 minutes. Similar to regular Sculpey but bakes to a ceramic-like hard finish. Excellent for miniatures and tiny details. ...

SCULPEY UltraLight Oven Bake Clay  
This versatile clay is lightweight, extremely soft, easy to knead, and turns rock-hard when baked, so it won’t break or crack.

Sculpey UltraLight is great for armatures since its smoother and easier to work with than aluminum foil and keeps large beads light. When rolled thin and baked, the clay ...

VAN AKEN Repel Gel  
Repel Gel prevents polymer clay from adhering to itself when it's cured. It's easy to apply: just brush a thin coat to the clay where adhesion is not desired, assemble the clay parts, and cure. It also cleans up easily with water.

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