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Art Supplies > Tools > Blades & Knives > X-acto Knives

PROEDGE Executive Retractable Blade  
The ProEdge Executive Retractable Blade offers precise cutting in a portable form that retains the same comfort and utility as other cutters. This blade is excellent for cutting and trimming paper, film, cloth, and stencils.

PROEDGE Gripper Knife  
These gripper knives feature soft rubberized handle and a non-roll end piece. Surgically sharp interchangeable blades. Comes with one blade.

PROEDGE Pro #1 Precision Duty Knife  
The precision duty knife has a 5 in. aluminum handle with a Pro #11 blade for fine angle cuts, carving, etching piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing, and trimming. Exclusive four-jaw chuck locks blade firmly in place and makes changing blades safe and easy. Knife comes with safety cap.

PROEDGE Retractable Pen Knife  
This adjustable knife features a push-button retractable blade. The knife is thin, narrow, and shaped like a pen, making it particularly suited for cutting smaller angles and details. It even comes with a removable metal clip, so you can hang it in your pocket.

10 spare blades are also included.

PROEDGE Swivel Knife  
The ProEdge Swivel Knife is an amazing tool for cutting shapes, patterns, and curves. Its rotating head can turn a full 360 degrees. The sturdy and comfortable handle is constructed 100% of aluminum.

X-ACTO Axent Hobby Knives  
The #1 tool for creative professionals will help release your creative mind and share your personality with more color at work and at play. Solid aluminum knife handle for increased durability. Comes with: Knife, 1 #11 blade, safety cap. - X-ACTO's #1 hobby knife anodized in additional colors for creative ...

X-ACTO Craft Swivel Knife  
For easy cutting of curves, circles, and designs. Use to cut paper, film, acetate, stencils, cloth, and balsa. Blade rotates 360 degrees. Includes protective cap. Includes a No. X245 Craft Swivel Blade. Additional No. X245 Craft Swivel Blades sold separately.

X-ACTO Curve Hobby Knives  
The Gripster 2 is deigned as a lightweight comfort grip for great detailed cutting. - Comfort curved knife handle for detailed cutting. - Rubber no-slip grip throughout body of knife. - Lightweight for cutting maneuverability. - Anti-roll body for safety. - For intricate precision cutting, trimming and stripping. - Rear blade release knob - turn ...

X-ACTO Designer Series Soft Grip Knifes  

The X-ACTO Designer Series Knife features an ergonomic, soft grip handle for extra comfort. You can change the blades easily with the rear blade release. This knife includes the No. 11 blade, and a cap for extra safety. The No. 11 blade is perfect for delicate cutting of light ...

X-ACTO Gripster Knife  
Soft, rubberized barrel for greater control and comfort. Rear blade release mechanism makes changing a blade fast and safe. Anti-roll design. Comes with #11 Classic blade and safety cap.
X-acto nos. 3626 and 3627.
Use with X-acto #1 Precision Assortment, #10 General Purpose, #11 Classic, #11 Stainless ...

X-ACTO No. 1 Precision Knife  
For delicate, precision cutting, trimming, and stripping. Use with paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film, and acetate. Lightweight handle. Includes No. 11 Classic Fine Point Blade.

Use with X-acto No. 10 General Purpose Blade, No. 11 Classic Fine Point Blade, No. 11 Stainless Steel ...

X-ACTO No. 1 Precision Knife Set  
For delicate precision cutting, trimming and stripping. Cuts paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate. Lightweight handle. Contains two No. 11 Classic Fine Point Blades and one each of No. 10 General Purpose Blade, No. 16 Scoring Blade, and No. 17 Lightweight Chiseling Blade.

X-ACTO No. 1 Safety Grip Knife  
For delicate precision cutting, trimming, and stripping. Cuts paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film, and acetate. Triangular safety grip to prevent rolling. Safety cap. Includes No. 11 Classic Fine Point Blade. No. X3021.

X-ACTO No. 2 Knives  
The compatibility of X-acto handles with famous X-acto blades creates knives so versatile they can accommodate the widest range of cutting requirements. The No. 2 Knife features a 5 in. aluminum handle, for use with for precision cutting of medium to heavy weight materials like wood, board, paper, plastic, ...

X-ACTO No. 4 Stencil Knife  
Lightweight aluminum 1/4 in. handle that's 5 in. long. Use for cutting frisket, film, and stencils. Also use as a lifter. Includes five No. 4 Stencil Knife Blades.

X-ACTO No. 5 Heavy-Duty Plastic Handle Knife  
This heavy-duty knife is perfect for precise, heavy pressure cutting of heavy weight materials like wood, mat board, paper, plastic, and metal. Its contoured handle ensures a sure grip. The knife comes with a No. 19 Angled Wood Chiseling Blade.

It can be used with the following X-acto ...

X-ACTO No. 6 Heavy-Duty Contoured Aluminum Handle Knife  
For precise, heavy pressure cutting of heavy weight materials like wood, mat board, foam board, cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal. Includes No. 24 Deburring Blade. Handle shape prevents rolling and provides sure grip.

X-ACTO No. 9RX Pocket Clip Retractable Knife  
For cutting lightweight material like film, stencils, paper, cloth. Includes retractable, positive lock blade and pocket clip for portability. No. 3209. No. 209 Retractable Blades refills sold separately.

X-ACTO Precision Pen Knife  
For fast precise cutting of lightweight materials like paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate. This knife includes #10 general purpose blade and screw-on clear plastic safety cap with pocket clip for portability.
X-acto no. 3203.
Use with X-acto #10 General Purpose blades.

X-ACTO Scrapbook Knife Kit  
Perfect set for anyone interested in scrapbooking! Every knife you need to create beautiful scrapbook pages packed in an attractive wooden box. Kit includes:
  • Stencil Knife with 5 blades--Easily cuts heavy-duty materials such as cardstock, heavy bond paper, canvas, cloth, and more.
  • Swivel Knife with 3 blades--Precision swivel ...

X-ACTO Snap-Off Blade Knife  
Heavy duty cutting, stainless steel blade channel. Has a ratchet blade lock for adjusting blade depth for precision cuts. Contoured handle stores two replacement blades. Comes with two bonus blades. Knife measures 6 1/4 in. long. X3246
Replacement blades contain a pack of five strips of seven snap-off seven blades.

X-ACTO Woodcarving Knife  
5 in. positive grip, heavy-duty handle for deep carving and whittling. Cuts wood, linoleum, and plastic. Fits blades, gouges, and routers. Includes No. 104, 3/4 in. Convex Carving Blades. No. X3261.

X-ACTO X-Calibre Deluxe Retractable Pen Knife  
For delicate cutting and trimming of paper, film, and acetate. Push-button retractable stainless steel blade and pocket clip. Includes one X-Calibre Retractable Knife Blade. Additional No. 295 X-Calibre Retractable Knife Blades sold separately.

X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife  
The X-acto X2000 knife features anti-roll design, a non-slip grip available in four colors. Center-barrel blade release. Safety cap snaps on the back of the knife when in use. Includes #11 Fine Point Blade. Accepts Type A X-acto blades: #10 General Purpose Blade, #11 Fine Point Blade, ...

X-ACTO X3000 Hobby Knives  
Professional artists and designers rely on the X2000 knife because of its comfortable grip, size, and weight. The X3000 is an enhancement of the X2000 with increased utility. - Store extra X-ACTO blades in rear of the knife - Knurling textured rubber grip - For craft precision cutting, trimming and stripping - Safe ...

X-ACTO Z-Series Precision Knife and Blades  
The Z-Series is the Sharpest, Most Durable Blade Ever! When X-acto was creating these new blades, the goal was to design, develop, and manufacture a number 11 blade that is absolutely "best in class"...and they succeeded.

The gold hue on the cutting edge is a zirconium nitride coating applied at the ...

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