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Razor Blade Scraper  
Uses standard single edge industrial razor blades. The blade retracts for safety when not in use.

ALVIN Large Snap Blade Knife with Lock  
This multi-purpose cutter is fully retractable with an easy-to-use manual lock. The cutter is constructed of durable plastic and uses standard 8 pt. snap blades.

The cutter measures 6 in. x 1 1/4 in.

DIAMOND TECH 1 in. Running Pliers  
Running Pliers apply pressure to your glass scores to help break your glass with ease. Just position the jaws at the end of the score line and squeeze. The curved jaw is designed to exert pressure on each side of the score until it breaks cleanly.

The pliers feature a ...

DIAMOND TECH Acrylic Grip Glass Cutter  
The Acrylic Grip Glass Cutter provides the feel of a brass barrel cutter but at a fraction of the weight. The cutter has a sturdy, yet lightweight see-thru acrylic barrel for easy oil level viewing. The textured barrel provides improved grip while scoring.

The Acrylic Grip Glass Cutter has a ...

DIAMOND TECH Lightweight Running Pliers  
These pliers are made out of high density synthetic polymers. This lightweight material provides ease when running a score. Just position the jaws at the end of the score line and squeeze.

The curved jaw exerts equal pressure on each side of the score until it breaks cleanly. the jaw ...

DIAMOND TECH Pistol Grip Glass Cutter  
This pistol style glass cutter is easy to hold and reduces wrist fatigue. Its unique shape maintains a more natural cutting edge.

The glass cutter has a long lasting tungsten-carbide blade and a self-lubricating reservoir to ensure a quality score and consistently sharp blade.

ELEPHANT Heavy Duty Knife  

Elephant's Heavy Duty Knife holds snap blades, is refillable, and features a push lock for safety. Two free blade refills included! Measures approximately 6.5 in. x 1.5 in.

EXCEL Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife  
This unique, multi-functional knife features a lightweight aluminum handle with a clip for easy carrying. Extremely convenient, blades can be changed quickly with the push of a button, and the folding knife can be opened with just one hand.

The Excel Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife comes with three extra cutting ...

FISKARS Fingertip Tools  
These small tools are especially designed to fit between your thumb and forefinger. The end of the handle wraps around your forefinger for added stability.

The Fingertip Knife uses No. 11 standard blades and includes a blade cover.

The Fingertip Mini Rotary Cutter offers clean smooth ...

FLETCHER-TERRY Gold Tip Glass Cutter  
130 degree cutting angle for single/double strength glass. Die-cast steel. Gold Tip tapping ball on the end.

GRIFHOLD 107 Retractable Utility Knife  
Gray metal retractable utility knife for cutting and scoring. Comes with one #107-A two-notch utility blade. Pack of five replacement blades sold separately.

GRIFHOLD 113 Swivel Knife  
Polished lightweight aluminum handle. Durable double action knife. Swivels free and easy for cutting arcs, curves, and circles. Ball bearing for smooth action. Blade locks for straight work. Contains one #113-B blade. Additional #113-B replacement blades (one per package) sold separately.

GRIFHOLD 114 Swivel Knife  
Blade swivels on plastic bearing to cut arcs, circles, curves precisely on lightweight materials. Polished 4 3/4 in. x 5/16 in. aluminum handle. Comes with one #114-B swivel blade which rotates 360 degrees. Includes fixed position blade action and stainless steel ball bearings. Safety cap included. Pack of two ...

GRIFHOLD 24 Stencil Knife   
Polished aluminum 4 1/2 in. x 5/16 in. handle. Tapered end and well balanced. For cutting stencils, etching, retouching, scribing, trimming, and perforating. Includes one #7-B blade.

GRIFHOLD 88 Dual Cutter  
Grifhold polished aluminum 4 1/4 in. x 5/16 in. handle with blade for cutting parallel lines up to 1/2 in. wide. Turn screw allows for rapid width adjustment. Single replacement blade (#88-B) sold separately.

K & S Precision Metal Saw  
This precision metal saw is designed specifically for cutting tubing and small metal shapes of brass and copper. It’s perfect for hobby, home, and shop use.

The saw blade measures 5 in. x 1 1/4 in. and has 52 teeth per inch. The blade comes with interchangeable and sturdy, hard ...

K & S Tubing Cutter  
The K & S Tubing Cutter handles round brass, aluminum, and copper tubes up to 5/8 in. in diameter. The cutter’s nylon body helps reduce friction, and its innovative design lets you cut tubing without crimping.

OLFA Art and Craft Knife  
Multi-purpose model, can be used right or left-handed. Includes a pocket clip/blade snapper. Use for cutting through wallpaper, plastic films, art and craft applications, etc. One strip of blades with 13 cutting surfaces included. AB standard duty replacement blades sold separately.

OLFA Multi-Purpose Snap-Off Cutter  
Popular standard-duty cutter with 36 snap-off blades. Metal handle. A pocket clip/blade snapper is included. Use for cutting paper, plastic film, shrink-wrap, etc. Uses AB-10 blades.

OLFA Snap It 'N' Trap It Heavy-Duty Utility Knife  
The Snap It 'N' Trap It Heavy-Duty snap off knife features a convenient BUILT-IN blade snapper and disposal container. It enables you to renew and dispose up to 16 blade segments quickly.

Features the Olfa silver LB blade, made of premium carbon steel for superior sharpness and durability ...

OLFA Standard-duty Circle Cutter  
Standard-duty circle cutter. Perfect for scrapbooking, crafts, model making, photography, memory books, and sign making. Extra blades can be stored in handle. Cuts circles from 1 cm to 15 cm in diameter. Suggested for cutting paper, films, vinyl, acetates, cardboard and lighter wood cutting requirements. Comes with six blades.

Pack ...

OLFA Touch Knife  
A pocket size cutter with retractable blade. Assorted colors. No color choice available.

OLFA Utility Cutter  
Multi-purpose heavy-duty cutter. Contoured handle includes a stainless steel blade channel and ratchet wheel blade locking mechanism. For cutting General cutting, paper, cardboard, shrink-wrap. Comes with one blade strip. Each blade strip has eight cutting edges. Blade strip is produced using Olfa's precise multi-step production process for amazing sharpness ...

PROEDGE Excel Revo Knife  
The Excel Revo Knife is a must have retractable blade. Its comfort-grip finger loop provides safety and control in an ergonomic design. The Revo Knife’s handle locks into two different positions to fully optimize the users cutting experience. The blades slide out easily for removal or to change sides, ...

PROEDGE Jeweler's Saw  
ProEdge’s Jeweler's Saw is a sturdy 42 teeth/in. saw that cuts plastic, cardboard, and Styrofoam. Create amazing craft projects with this strong saw.

PROEDGE Retractable Utility Knife  
Heavy duty retractable utility knife is packaged with three blades.

PROEDGE Safety Scraper  
Featuring all steel construction and equipped with retractable, replaceable PRO #9 single edge razor blade, the Safety Scraper is perfect for scraping walls, windows, floors, and other surfaces.

. The scraper comes with five extra single edge blades.

PROEDGE Utility Knife  
Molded plastic handle with built-in pocket clip. Holds a retractable, replaceable, and reversible #8 blade. One blade included.

TESTORS Hobby Knife  
The Hobby Knife is razor sharp and can be used for trimming, cutting, and modifying plastic and other materials. The blade can be re-sharpened with a honing stone.

X-ACTO Cut-All Knives  
Works where scissors can't, knives won't and razor blades shouldn't. For opening packages, removing labels, clipping coupons, trimming photographs, craft projects, and model building. Lightweight hexagonal plastic handle resists rolling. Assorted colors. Includes a child-resistant safety cap. Carded.
X-acto no. 3687.
Use with X-acto #10 General Purpose, #11 Classic, ...

X-ACTO Ergo Utility Knife  
Heavy-duty retractable utility knife. Multi-functional design--turn blade to use as a scraper. Shaped to fit in the palm of the hand. Easy to change blades. Patented hinge design. Two replacement blades included.
X-acto no. 3275.
Use with X-acto #292 Heavy Duty Utility Blades.

X-ACTO Precision Razor Saw Set  
For delicate sawing of models and railroad tracks. Cut metal, balsa wood, and plastic. Includes No. 5 Heavy-Duty Plastic Knife Handle with one each No. X234 Fine Saw Blade and No. X235 Medium Saw Blade.

X-ACTO Snap-Off Blade Knife  
Heavy duty cutting, stainless steel blade channel. Has a ratchet blade lock for adjusting blade depth for precision cuts. Contoured handle stores two replacement blades. Comes with two bonus blades. Knife measures 6 1/4 in. long. X3246
Replacement blades contain a pack of five strips of seven snap-off seven blades.

X-ACTO SurGrip Retractable Metal Utility Knife  
Heavy-duty textured metal handle shaped to fit hand. Cuts packages, rope, canvas, plastic, carpet, and wallpaper. Adjustable cutting depths. Includes a Heavy-Duty Utility Blade. Additional No. 292 Heavy Duty Utility Blades sold separately.

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