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FISKARS 45 mm Scoring Rotary Blade  
This precision 45 mm rotary blade is designed specifically for scoring paper products. The blade is constructed of stainless steel and is compatible with Fiskars Rotary Paper Trimmers and Fiskars Rotary Cutters.

GRIFHOLD 24-E Stencil Blades  
Stencil cutting blade for #24 stencil knife. Also fits #108 yardstick compass.

GRIFHOLD 24-F Compass Blades  
A multi-purpose, double ended blade. Two sided oval grind. Can be used in lead holders or #108 yardstick compass.

GRIFHOLD 24-J Scriber Blades  
A scribing and piercing blade for the #24 Stencil Knife.

OLFA Blade Disposal Case  
Blade disposal case features non-removable lid for safety. Blade slot on top is designed for safely snapping off used blade segments. For use with standard duty and heavy-duty snap-off blades.

PROEDGE Executive Retractable Blade  
The ProEdge Executive Retractable Blade offers precise cutting in a portable form that retains the same comfort and utility as other cutters. This blade is excellent for cutting and trimming paper, film, cloth, and stencils.

PROEDGE Jeweler's Saw  
ProEdge’s Jeweler's Saw is a sturdy 42 teeth/in. saw that cuts plastic, cardboard, and Styrofoam. Create amazing craft projects with this strong saw.

PROEDGE Single Edge Razor Blades  
Single edge razor blades fit all standard razor blade tools. Carbon steel. #9.

PROEDGE Swivel Knife  
The ProEdge Swivel Knife is an amazing tool for cutting shapes, patterns, and curves. Its rotating head can turn a full 360 degrees. The sturdy and comfortable handle is constructed 100% of aluminum.

X-ACTO Craft Swivel Knife Blades  
For easy cutting of curves and circles. Rotates 360 degrees. Use to cut paper, Mylar, amberlith, stencils, decals, and other lightweight materials. For use with Craft Swivel Knife.

X-ACTO Cut-All Knives  
Works where scissors can't, knives won't and razor blades shouldn't. For opening packages, removing labels, clipping coupons, trimming photographs, craft projects, and model building. Lightweight hexagonal plastic handle resists rolling. Assorted colors. Includes a child-resistant safety cap. Carded.
X-acto no. 3687.
Use with X-acto #10 General Purpose, #11 Classic, ...

X-ACTO Light-Duty Snap-Off Blades  
For lightweight cutting of wallpaper, cord, Mylar, balsa wood, poster board, foam board, and cardboard. Snap-off blades for continuously sharp edge. For use with Light-Duty Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife no. X3244.

X-ACTO No. 1 Precision Blade Assortment  
For general cutting, scoring, and chiseling of paper, balsa and cardboard. Includes two #11 Classic Fine Point Blades and one each of #10 General Purpose, #16 Scoring, and #17 Lightweight Chiseling blades.
X-acto No. 231
Fits the X-acto No. 1 knife.

X-ACTO No. 10 General Purpose Blades  
For general cutting, light carving, and slicing of paper, plastic, balsa, bass wood, light cardboard, vinyl, rubber, and foam. Curved edge.

X-ACTO No. 104 3/4 Inch Concave Carving Blades  
Medium cutting radius for general carving of wood, plastic, plaster. 3/4 in. concave.

X-ACTO No. 106 Concave Carving Blade  
For detailed carving of curved and convex shapes such as birds and animals carvings. Cuts wood, plastic, plaster. 1 3/8 in. small concave.

X-ACTO No. 11 Blades  
Sharp angle for detail cutting, trimming and stripping. The most popular and most versatile blade.

X-ACTO No. 11 Stainless Steel Classic Blades  
Delicate, precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, plastic, basswood, rubber, vinyl, and foam. Corrosion resistant stainless steel. Fine point.

X-ACTO No. 12 Mini Curved Carving Blade  
For delicate paper cutting, stenciling, and detailed carving. Cuts paper, film, plastic, bass wood, rubber, and foam. Finely curved cutting edge.

X-ACTO No. 13 Micro Saw Blades  
For precision cutting of plastics, balsa, cork, foam, paper, and thin metals.

X-ACTO No. 135 Carving Router Assortment  
For carving, grooving, hollowing, and shaping all surfaces, like wood, linoleum, and plaster. Assortment contains 5/16 in. Small Round, V Shaped, 9/16 in. Large Round, and 1/2 in. Square Carving Routers.

X-ACTO No. 16 Scoring Blades  
For delicate stenciling, cutting, and scoring of paper, plastic, balsa, and decals. Blade is offset for accuracy.

X-ACTO No. 17 Lightweight Chiseling Blade  
For precision chiseling of balsa, linoleum, bass wood, and plastic. 1/4 in. edge.

X-ACTO No. 18 Heavyweight Wood Chiseling Blade  
For deep cross and smooth chiseling of wood, linoleum, and bass wood. 1/2 in. cutting edge.

X-ACTO No. 19 Angled Wood Chiseling Blade  
For light chiseling, rough shaping, deburring, and trimming wood, linoleum, plastic, rubber, and foam. 3/8 in. precision edge.

X-ACTO No. 2 Blade Assortment  
No cutting work is too exacting for this selection of replacement blades for the no. 2 knife. Precision crafted of the highest quality carbon steel with hard, sharp points and finely honed edges. Pack of 5 includes: one each of blades #18 Heavyweight Chiseling, #19 Angled Wood Chiseling and ...

X-ACTO No. 2 Large, Fine Point Blades  
For precision cutting of medium weight materials such as cardboard, plastic, paper, basswood, vinyl, rubber, and foam. Fine point.

X-ACTO No. 22 Large Curved Carving Blade  
Heavy cuts and initial shaping, carving, trimming, and slicing. Cuts balsa, wood, linoleum, rubber, foam, and plastic. Heavy-duty.

X-ACTO No. 23 Corner Stripping Blade  
For corner cuts and trimming in tight areas. Cuts plastic, wood, linoleum, rubber, and foam. Doubled edged.

X-ACTO No. 236 Coarse Saw Blade  
For coarse sawing, Cuts wood, plastic, fiberglass, metals, moldings, rubber, and foam. Cutting edge 5 1/2 in. long, 1 1/4 in. deep. 16 teeth per inch. V-tooth, 12 thousandths thick.

X-ACTO No. 24 Deburring Blades  
For deburring, stripping, and gasket cutting. For making straight, heavy-duty cuts. Good for plastic, wood, linoleum, rubber, and foam. Fine point for closer cuts.

X-ACTO No. 25 Large Contoured Blade  
For heavy-pressure cutting, carving, and trimming. Cuts plastic, wood, linoleum, rubber, and foam. Contoured edge.

X-ACTO No. 26 Whittling Blade  
For general purpose whittling and trimming of plastic, wood, linoleum, rubber, and foam. Long 2 5/16 in. cutting edge.

X-ACTO No. 270 Single Edge Razor Blades  
For scraping, trimming, and cutting of paper, plastic, board, wallpaper, and glass. Fits all standard razor blade tools.

X-ACTO No. 28 Concave Carving Blade  
For whittling and curved shaping on balsa, leather, linoleum, and plastic. Concave edge.

X-ACTO No. 292 Heavy-Duty Utility Blade  
For heavy-duty all-purpose cutting and scoring. Cuts mat board, carpeting, wallboard, wallpaper, tile, plastics, and wood.

X-ACTO No. 295 X-Calibre Retractable Knife Blade  
For fine detail cutting, trimming, and stenciling. Cuts paper, plastic, film, and acetate. Made of precision ground steel. Use with Deluxe Retractable Blade Knife No. X3275.

X-ACTO No. 8R Lightweight Utility Knife Blade  
For general purpose cutting of paper, cardboard, plastic, twine, foam board, cartons, and coupons. When one end of the blade dulls, it can be reversed so you can use the other end.

X-ACTO No. 9RX Retractable Blade  
For light duty cutting of paper, film, plastic and cloth. Precision blades. For use with the No. 9RX Pocket Clip Retractable Knife.

X-ACTO Saw Blade  
For delicate sawing and cutting. Comes in three blades sizes the extra fine, fine and medium. Blades fit heavy-duty plastic handle, heavy-duty contoured aluminum handle, and heavy-duty contoured plastic handle.

The extra fine blade is 5 1/2 in. long 1 1/4 in. deep, and .12 in. thick. ...

X-ACTO Z-Series Precision Knife and Blades  
The Z-Series is the Sharpest, Most Durable Blade Ever! When X-acto was creating these new blades, the goal was to design, develop, and manufacture a number 11 blade that is absolutely "best in class"...and they succeeded.

The gold hue on the cutting edge is a zirconium nitride coating applied at the ...

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