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Art Supplies > Airbrush > Airbrushes & Parts > Paasche

PAASCHE 22 Airbrush Lessons For Beginners  
New edition with translations in French, German, and Spanish. This instructional booklet teaches the basics of airbrush control with easy to follow illustrated lessons using masks, stencils and frisket.

PAASCHE 3B Pressure Valve  
Used in conjunction with air propellant cans. It has all brass construction and is used to control the air volume from the can to the airbrush.

PAASCHE 62 Sprayer  
Operating on relatively low air pressure, the 62 Sprayer efficiently sprays glazes, fixatives, medium consistency lacquers, varnishes, and enamels. It handles the applications needs which fall between a single action airbrush and a spray gun. Used by ceramists, furniture refinishes, vehicle decorators, and other hobbyists. Use clean dry air ...

PAASCHE A-191 Quick Disconnect for Airbrush  
The Quick Disconnect allows you to quickly connect and disconnect the Paasche Airbrush to and from the air hose.

The Quick Disconnect comes with free A-192 Hex Adapter.

PAASCHE A-192 Hex Adapter  
The A-192 Hex Adapter has H-185 packing. It's designed and tooled to the strictest engineering standards.

PAASCHE AEC Air Eraser and Compounds  
The Air Eraser is a versatile instrument that can erase color errors and can act as an etching tool. Easy to handle, this smooth operating air eraser operates like a small sand blaster with very little difficulty and a great deal of accuracy. Used by hobbyists and manufacturers to ...

PAASCHE Air Hose With Moisture Trap  
A 1/8 in. MT moisture trap built-in to the air hose. Fits all Paasche airbrushes except No. 62 sprayer.

PAASCHE Airbrush Set - Millennium  
Get the same great airbrushing results achievable with your other Paasche airbrushes. Features include a polished chrome plated brass body with red anodized aluminum cutaway handle--thinner barreled body for easy grip--and round trigger button that rolls under your finger for greater comfort and better control. Set includes the Millennium ...

PAASCHE Braided Air Hose  
For use on all Paasche airbrushes, except No. 62 sprayer. Fittings are not suited for other brands of airbrushes. 1/4 in. coupling on one end of hose attaches to air supply and 1/8 in. coupling on other end attaches to airbrush.

PAASCHE H3 Airbrush Set  
The world's most popular airbrush recommended for beginners. Sturdy and flexible, the H airbrush is dependable and adaptable for practically any hobby use. Suitable for both left and right-handed users. The H-3 spray pattern is 1/32 in. - 1 1/4 in. with medium fluids. Each set comes complete with ...

PAASCHE Model H (Hobby)  
H - Siphon Feed Single Action External Mix Airbrush. The world's most poplular airbrush recommended for beginners. Sturdy and flexible, the H airbrush is dependable and adaptable for practically any hobby use. Comes in three sizes: 1, 3, and 5, with the purchase of different size aircap and color ...

PAASCHE Model H (Hobby) Airbrush Set  
Paasche Model H Airbrush is a popular airbrush recommended for beginners. It is single action, external mix, and siphon feed. Sturdy and flexible, the H airbrush is dependable and adaptable for practically any hobby use. This set has one airbrush with two additional size color adjusting parts so you ...

PAASCHE Model H Airbrush Parts  
Replacement parts for the Model H Airbrush.

PAASCHE Model V Airbrush Parts  
Replacement parts for the Model V Airbrush.

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush  
The Paasche Model VL Set is for beginner, intermediate, or professional use. The VL is a siphon feed, double action, with internal mix airbrush. This set has all the components to convert the VL airbrush into three different sizes. No other airbrush can offer more versatility. Used by most ...

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush Cleaning Reamer  
This is a cleaning reamer for the Paasche Model VL Airbrush. It's specifically designed for easy removal of paint from the airbrush barrel and for cleaning other difficult-to-reach spots of the airbrush gun.

The reamer ships with a protective green plastic cover on its tip. Cover should be removed ...

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush Color Bottle Assemblies  
These are replacement color bottle assemblies for the Paasche Model VL Airbrush. Three bottle assemblies are available: 1 oz. (29 cc) glass, 3 oz. (88 cc) glass, and 3 oz. (88 cc) plastic.

Paasche provides the largest selection of airbrush models, industrial sprayers, and support equipment in the world. ...

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush Head Assemblies  
Paasche's airbrush head assemblies for the Model VL Airbrush are available in three sizes, allowing you to spray virtually any type of liquid medium. The small size (VLM 1) is ideally suited for light fluids, the medium (VLM 3) for medium density fluids, and the large (VLM 5) ...

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush Metal Color Cup  
This is a 1/4 oz. (7 cc) metal open color cup for the Paasche Model VL Airbrush.

Paasche provides the largest selection of airbrush models, industrial sprayers, and support equipment in the world. All units are carefully assembled, individually inspected, and finally tested by highly skilled craftsmen to ...

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush Needles  
These are replacement needles for the Paasche Model VL Airbrush. The needles are available in three sizes: small (VLN 1), for light fluids; medium (VLN 3), for medium fluids; and large (VLN 5), for heavier fluids.

The needles ship with green plastic protector on their ends. The protectors should ...

PAASCHE Model VL Airbrush Tips  
Paasche offers three sizes of airbrush tips for the Model VL Airbrush: small (VLT 1), medium (VLT 3), and large (VLT 5) size. The three sizes allow a wide range of fluids to be used in the airbrush, from light liquids (with the small tip) to heavy mediums ...

PAASCHE MT Moisture Trap  
A small 2 in. long unit that can be inserted into 1/8 in. airhose to remove water from airline thus preventing moisture damage or inconvenience. Use with any airbrush.

PAASCHE Storage Bottles  
Empty glass storage bottles with lids.

PAASCHE Storage Jars, Lids, and Gaskets  
Glass bottles with gaskets and lids sold separately for convenient replacement of only the parts that you need. Bottles are made of thick, hard to break glass. Lids are metal with enamel finish. Gaskets are cork and preferred for liquid storage.

PAASCHE Talon Airbrush Parts  
These replacement parts are designed to be used with the Paasche Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush.

PAASCHE Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush Set  
The Paasche Talon Airbrush was designed to deliver the highest level of detail and control. The trigger and air valve have been redesigned to allow for a smoother stroke as well as ease of assembly and durability.

Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush specifications include a dual action gravity feed, .38 mm ...

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